Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mom Goes Crazy When She Learns No Rose Parade Today!

The annual Tournament of Roses Parade is one of those events that have become "can't miss" for many people, even if they're only watching on television. And besides, what else is on TV New Year's morning? As you watch each new float turn a corner, you eagerly lean forward to hear the announcer explain the natural plant material used for the bright colors. "Wow!" you exclaim. Then you take another sip of your rose pedal tea and another bite of your edible flower omelet. After wiping your tears of joy with a rose pedal tissue, you put on your all-flower clothes and hat, and wait until the parade is over before going outside to traipse around the neighborhood in your own private parade.

Oh hell, I've mixed one of my dreams up into a post again! Anyway, it's the first day of the new year, and is there going to be a parade to celebrate? NO! The horses of the churchgoers might be disturbed! WTF!

I didn't have a picture of horses in front of a church, so I'm using these guys to represent olden times when people actually got to church by horse. Don't worry, they don't mind their photo being used this way, they're all dead.

Get with the program, Rose Parade, this is 2012!

The no-Sunday policy was established more than 100 years ago, when horses were used to pull floats on the parade route in Pasadena.

According to, the year was 1893 and it was feared that horses tethered outside churches during Sunday services would be disturbed, which would in turn disturb churchgoers.

It will be the 18th time in the history of the Rose Parade that it was pushed to a Monday-Rose Parade 2012: On Monday this year, why?

So, all yesterday my mom kept repeating over and over how she was getting up to watch the parade today. How it was what she was looking forward to. How she was just going to relax and have a fine start to the new year by watching all the floats and fun parade stuff TODAY. I was going to say something, I really was, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The traditional start time of the parade (8am Pacific Time) is almost upon us, and I'm just waiting to get the call and listen to the screams of outrage.

For those of you, like Mom, expecting to watch the parade this morning, here's some of last year's to hold you (and a message from the parade committee: Happy New Year, suckers!)

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