Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doug Stanhope and the Plagiarist

To know why I love Doug Stanhope, you only have to listen to one of his routines:

So, on his Facebook page he links to a blog post from some idiot passing off a Stanhope bit as his own material and states:

This fuck stealing my stuff verbatim and passing it off as his own writing. Please ruin his day.

Here's the post: EXAMINING MY DANCE PATTERN: Working Hard/Prison/Drug War

That post is from July 2010. Stanhope's comments are from yesterday. If you go to the main page of that jerk's blog, you'll further notice that he hasn't posted anything new since November 2010. He apparently just abandoned his blog (and with good reason). Perhaps Stanhope finally discovering the plagiarism should serve notice to all you worthless "bloggers" out there to either delete your blog when you get tired of it, or at least enable comment moderation so no one can leave comments in your absence pointing out what a douche you are.

As for "ruining his day", however, it probably wouldn't phase him if he did read the comments (original post comments: 2, current number of comments after Stanhope's link: 851 and growing) and he may never see them at all as he appears to be completely inactive on the blog.

Stanhope's approach is the right one, however, and it's too bad he didn't find out about the fraud at the time. The best way to handle some loser's real plagiarism, where they use someone's words verbatim and don't acknowledge the true author, is to shame and ostracize them. We don't need copyright laws to do that. Plagiarism is an ethical issue and speaks to one's character, but it shouldn't be a legal issue. There is also a big difference between copying someone's work and republishing it, and presenting it as if you wrote it yourself.

There is a lesson here for anyone not bright enough to write their own stuff. At least if you're going to "steal" from someone, hide it a little better by rewriting it and adding your own take. I mean, come on, even a loser like Troy Holm (the blog "author" who Doug Stanhope is having a field day with - see Occupy Troy Holm-) could manage a minimal amount of hidden theft. His problem was he was just too lazy to bother.


  1. too lazy? more likely he's just too stupid. QED: Holm provides enough information to the public on his Facebook page for anyone to track him down without even the least bit of know-how.

    there's a greater lesson to be found, here: it's dangerous to be both clueless and unethical.

  2. Okay anon., maybe you're right...

  3. Looks like the blog got pulled, I think he got the hint. We'll see his awareness of how open his internet kimono is from here.

  4. The blog is down (as is his twitter and other bits of his filthy thieving internet presence), but there were other stolen Stanhope bits throughout the whole thing, not just the one Doug called him out on. If you look at photos posted to the Occupy Troy Holm page on Facebook, there's a screen shot of an apparent transcript from Doug's "Abortion is green" rant on UK TV, as well. The poor cunt has run with tail between legs and taken down every hint of his existence on the internet, which is good in a way, but also sad that we can't continue to post more evidence of his level of douchery.


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