Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coming Up

That's right, this is SE's first "coming up" post. Before we get to the meat of it, let's talk about exactly what we mean by "coming up". We don't mean "coming soon" as that could be months from now, as in "Skeptical Eye's epic series Vehicles: A Love Story is coming soon". No, we don't mean that at all! What we mean, people, is coming up, like, right away or something. We know you've been waiting all day for another post to follow the Phil Donahue video, and though this isn't it, it will do as a fill-in.

Oh, and by "coming up" I don't mean this, either:

So, again, what is this about? It's about what is immediately coming up here at the blog. A new Two Duds comic, for one thing. Then also, a new Catty's Corner. A random post or two, maybe something to do with my new obsession for pork rinds. Then, I'm seriously thinking of lifting an entire post from T.C.'s blog, verbatim. Oh, and RIGHT NOW, a video about what to do if Ron Paul is not the next President of the United States.

Are you ready?

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