Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog/Anti-Blog of the Moment

Perhaps I should explain. Here at SE, we have a (somewhat neglected in recent months) feature called Blog of the Moment, but for a while now I've wanted to add an "anti-blog" of the moment for truly horrific blogs (not just "bad" blogs, as there are an endless supply of those).

Well, yesterday, visiting good friend Bret Alan's (and past Blog of the Moment winner) Anything But Theist, I, on a whim, visited his wife's blog, Abandoning Eden and happened upon the comments at this post: Five years . There, someone calling themselves the "jewish philosopher" left a comment, with a response from another blogger called "Philo" in which Philo calls jp "The psychopath".

After viewing jp's insane rantings, I came to the conclusion that does an injustice to psychopaths. The fool's name is Jacob Stein, and he is a crazy, fundamentalist Jew. In addition to all of his other craziness, he recently launched an attack (there is no other way to describe it) on another Jewish blogger calling himself The Atheist Rabbi.

You can read the insanity here:

The Jewish Psychopath writes:

I came across this week a blog entitled The Atheist Rabbi. The blog is almost entirely devoted to denigrating anyone who believes in God.

Oh boo hoo! God believing theistards (I use that term not to describe all theists, as there are kind and intelligent ones) can dish it out, but they just can't take it! Besides which, as many pointed out in comments there, The Atheist Rabbi is far more magnanimous than described by the psycho.

He seems particularly upset that the AR is gay and dares call himself a rabbi.

He is openly homosexual and resides with his male partner.


I have never written a post about another blog before, however I am making an exception in this case. I believe that it is an incredible insult to the rabbinate for an individual like this to claim to be a rabbi. If he simply called himself "Mr" I wouldn't give him a second thought. The Internet is loaded with liars, lunatics, perverts, scumbags and so on of all stripes. That's nothing noteworthy. However I do feel the need to protest when one calls himself "rabbi".

He then goes on to ask:

What's next - "The Neo-Nazi Rabbi"? "The Islamic Terrorist Rabbi"?

"Protest" or expressing a negative opinion is one thing, outright harassment is another, and that's basically what this scumbag did, in publishing as much personal info on AR he could find. He might make the claim he is only giving out what's already publicly available, but to what purpose? Obviously to harass and get others to do the same. We can conclude as much by what the victim states:

As for my employers, whose details you also published and to whom you sent an e-mail about me, they are fully aware of my blog and I have a disclaimer on it.

AR responded with a post of his own: My Open Letter To Jacob Stein, "The Jewish Philosopher"

So, our Blog of the Moment is: The Atheist Rabbi

And our first Anti-blog of the Moment is Jewish Philosopher

To be as fair as possible to jp, he does at least seem to publish all comments.


  1. Jewish Philosopher once tracked down a blogger, called her parents, and told them she had an atheist blog and that she's a "slut." He's 99% of the reason my wife won't let me use our real names while blogging.

  2. JP deletes comments all the time when it suites him. He certainly has deleted many of my comments. I try to just ignore him usually but sometimes can't resist, and other commenters pick fights with him all the time.

    1. Thanks AE for that info. He seems to claim he publishes almost all comments but obviously that's not so.


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