Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Mormon Cartoon

In olden times, kids would get up early on Saturday mornings and make their own breakfast (cold cereal and milk) and sit in front of the TV for hours watching cartoons (Mom and Dad happily snoring away in another part of the house). Today, Saturday is nothing special when it comes to television programming and cartoons are available 24/7 on numerous cable channels.

Today, I present a cartoon for your Saturday viewing pleasure. It looks like it was made in the sixties or seventies. It is a presentation of Mormon beliefs, and I can't say for certain that it is completely accurate in portraying those beliefs, but from what I know of them, it seems close to the truth.

And of course, Saturday morning wasn't complete without those toy commercials. Here are some 70s era Star Trek toy ads:

The Silliness of Mormonism

Mormon Truth Blog

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  1. Since you mentioned you weren't sure of how accurate this cartoon is, I thought I'd comment to remark that it is far from accurate. It was created by an anti-Mormon group in the early 80s and its falsehoods have been debunked time and time again.

    In March 1984, the Board of the National Conference of Christians and Jews repudiated the film, saying "The film does not—in our opinion—fairly portray the Mormon Church, Mormon history, or Mormon belief."


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