Friday, February 1, 2008

Boycott Myspace?

I never got on the Myspace bandwagon, and when it was purchased by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp I was pretty sure I never would. Why does anyone want to belong to a social network site that is part of the same media empire as Fox "News"?

Now, apparently, a large atheist group has been deleted by Myspace. Bryan Pesta explains:

I assert that our group's history up to its recent deletion establishes a prima facie case that we were deleted for religious reasons:

Note first that I ran the group for almost 3 years, and was very careful to not violate any TOS.

We were deleted two years ago due to complaints from a group called the "Christian Crusaders." They would search Myspace for profiles they found offensive, and then mass complain to customer service.

Their strategy was to send so many emails to customer service that someone, somewhere at Myspace would delete the profile or group.

It worked. They were able to get us deleted for a few weeks til myspace restored us (pre-news corp; Tom Anderson, himself posted to our group offering to protect us). The "Christian Crusaders" also got many other groups and profiles deleted, including a large pro choice group.

Three months ago, my account was hacked. The hacker took control of the group and renamed it "Jesus is love".

It took almost a month of constant emailing to Myspace just to get them to restore the group. I lost my profile (3000 friends; dozens of blogs), and the hacker banned many regular users.

Banning on a Myspace group is oddly permanent / can't be undone. So, I sent more requests asking Myspace to un-ban my regulars.

I got an email back-- finally; after about 3 weeks of requests for help-- saying "thank you for the information. We have scheduled the group for deletion."

Literally 5 minutes later, the group was deleted. I think it's ironic that Myspace's response to my persistent and sincere request for help was to delete the group!

I hope that puts our deletion in context. Add to that, the biggest xtian group here was deleted not too long ago (post news corp) and Myspace Tom personally restored it.

Do I think Myspace is an evil atheist hating conspiracy-- no. Do I think an agent of Myspace deleted my group because it was an atheist group. Yes.

I realize this is circumstantial evidence; but I think the case outlined above is strong enough to warrant my conclusion, and I am waiting to see if Myspace replies.

Some are deleting their Myspace accounts in protest. I would probably do the same if I had one, but I don't. I've never been much for boycotts anyway. In this case, it does seem as though Myspace doesn't care about many of their loyal users and being an atheist is reason enough for them not to bother to make things right. The fact that Christians "would troll myspace for profiles/groups they found offensive (i.e., non-christian) and then mass complain to customer service til the group got deleted" is outrageous! Remember that the next time someone asks you why you bother to continue criticizing Christianity. Its because the Goddamned Christians have an evil, persecuting mindset, that's why! This incident gives the lie to the claim that this is a secular society that is always going after religious believers and that the poor Christians have no rights. Try living life as an open atheist, Christian liar! This Myspace and other similar incidents is also why freethinkers keep fighting bible crap, because it shows us the kind of society we'll be living in if you jerks get any more control and power. Imagine if the leadership of every major corporation were a committed Christian nutjob, or were so intimated by those nutjobs that they caved in to their demands. That's why religious belief is not simply a private matter, it destroys lives, and not just those of the converted. FIGHT ON FREETHINKERS!!!

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