Friday, August 15, 2014

Smashed Bread Was The Least Of Her Problems

The American police state is no longer emerging, it's here, where everything is criminalized, and all of us are in danger of being kidnapped and held against our will by the thugs in government clown costumes.

She says her husband kept squishing the bread in their cart by putting frozen pizzas on top of it, and Wolf expressed her displeasure at the situation.

That's when her night got really bad. A fellow shopper approached her and accused her of using the F-word in front of her kids.

"I'm like, 'When did I say this to my kids?'" Wolf tells WJBF. "I said that to my husband, that he was smashing the bread."

But somehow the police were called, and Wolf ended up getting arrested in the incident late Sunday.-Mom arrested for swearing in front of kids

The fucking shopper who complained deserved to be cursed at! People like her should slash their wrists and leave a planet they have no business being on.

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