Friday, August 15, 2014

Buying Sandwiches

The problem I have with buying sandwiches is that too often they're mostly bread. Take the filling out and take a good look. You're probably getting ripped off. Without the cheap bun or roll, what have you got? I bought some of those deli made grocery store sandwiches recently, 3 for $3.99 (though I almost didn't buy them because they recently were being sold for only $2.99). I figured it as a good deal, only $1.33 per sandwich. But when I took a closer look when I brought one to work for my lunch, the filling was just one piece of cheese, one thin slice of ham and a very wilted piece of lettuce. It was all just a big bunch of bread (a thick roll) that cost too much of my hard earned bread, man. (My mom's second husband, Ray, liked to say bread and man a lot, so that's a little tribute).

I say give us the filling first and then give us the bread to make our own sandwich so we can see the reality. Wheat products are cheap, which is why they give you so much of them and call it a deal. Those supermarket sandwiches looked big and impressive, until I lifted the lid. I think I'm going for salads from now on so I can get ripped off that way instead.

Make your own sandwiches at home and save money, or better yet, give up bread altogether.

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