Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fox News Actually Provides News!

People like to call Fox News "Faux News", and I'm not personally a fan of their version of statist big government pro-military "conservatism". That said, I'm watching the 3 major cable news networks right now, and only Fox is covering the 6.0 earthquake in California that just happened. MSNBC doesn't even run much news on the weekends (they were showing one of their prison shows again), and CNN, well, fuck 'em.


  1. That's because the earthquake never happened if Faux is reporting it!

  2. I was always skeptical of those leftists who claimed that Fox News was uniquely biased. I remember back in the 90s when the American news covered the efforts to ban semi-automatic "assault weapons" not once did I see a semi-auto being fired. It was always full-auto. So how much more biased could Fox be?


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