Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sometimes a Moocher Becomes a Producer

Good Interview. And kudos to Alex Jones as most other talk hosts would just make fun of her.

This is what happens when a moocher gets a job and realizes just how much the government screws over the people who decide to not suck off their collective teat.  When you point out the flaws in their god-kings, they will usually cling to their blind faith.  It is surprising and refreshing to see this woman turn around from it and reject the man for his lies.

It gives some sense of hope for the future because I want people to realize what sham our political process has become and how screwed over many of us are because of the actions of the elite.  Sometimes, you find a person who has the capacity to understand and look beyond their own prejudices.

I wish Michelle Dowery well.  I know that being a maid is not glamorous work, but there is dignity in a hard-earned paycheck, no matter how much the government takes away.

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