Thursday, January 31, 2013

Secession is Inevitable

I’ve long stopped referring to the American Civil War as a such and instead taken to calling it the American Secession War or Secession War for short.  History doesn’t have to written by the victors so long as there still is truth.  And the truth is, the Southern states, for whatever reason, had a right to secede from the United States.  The United States Constitution was a contract between the States and any contract can be walked away from by any party.

Now, I know that people’s knee-jerk, government-skooled reaction will be to accuse me of supporting slavery or racism or both.  I don’t care.  Arguments like charges of racism mean nothing to me as I have nothing to prove to you and if I have to join your little fascist club in order to prove you wrong, forget it.

The fact is, secession is just as much a legitimate option today as it was 150 years ago.  It’s just that 150 years the anti-Secessionists, or centralized fascists as they were, happened to win the war and forcibly keep the Southern states despite what the people wanted.  Funny how progressives think democracy is a great thing except when they disagree with the majority.  Of course, bringing up the Secession War with them will always expose their hypocrisy in their support for democracy.

Today, we are seeing the beginning of what will eventually lead to the break up of the United States as we know.  I am certain that by the end of the century, there will be no United States of America, at least not the one we see today.  This has nothing to do with the extensive empire our Imperial Federal government has established but the actual continental United States.

In California, for example, we see the Hispanic population quickly surpassing all other races.  It will not be long before they group together and declare much of southern California to be part of Mexico.  Already there are activists there who are stating their intentions to do so and it is only a matter of time before the radical becomes mainstream.  Hispanics tend to have a curious sense of racial loyalty.

So, if such a thing were to happen,  would they be considered to be racist for either forming their own nation or “reuniting” with Mexico by the progressive left and other anti-secessionists?

Right now, secession is not possible as too many states get too much money from the Federal government.  But already that money is starting to dry up.  I’ve heard that Federal education funding, for example, is starting to slow down, something that only a Democrat in power could accomplish without much trouble from his opponents (look up the principle of Counterpush).

Eventually, when the Federal government chooses the military and the elderly over the states, you will start to see more and more movements to secede from the Union.  But that’s all fine as the current Union is one of violence and is bankrupt both financially and morally.

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