Friday, January 4, 2013

Right to Bear Arms Means Shooting Cops

Whenever a law is passed, or a mandate issues, or an order given by a government official of some kind, you have to keep in mind that they are all to be followed on penalty of death.  I know that most people who break the law don’t ever get a death sentence, but that is what the ultimate penalty is for any crime committed or disobedience to government.

Think about this clearly: if you break a law and then resist being arrested, you will be subdued.  If you try to flee at any given moment, you will be subdued.  If you fight back, you will probably be tasered, beaten, or shot at, depending what kind of law enforcement officer you are dealing with.

I bring this up because there has been a lot of talk lately about the right to own guns, which is really a subset of property rights.  Most people on the right and within the libertarian wing of the political spectrum are largely arguing for gun rights because they wish to defend themselves against criminals and to tyrannical governments.  While the former is understandable, the later is something which most people lack the courage to use guns for.

This is because defying tyrannical governments will ultimately involve shooting police officers and possibly military soldiers, both of whom are the favorite of the right-wing.  Law enforcement officers, by and large, obey orders handed down from above.  When the chips are down, they will defend the people in power rather than the common man.

What this ultimately means is that gun owners wishing to defy the government have to be prepared to shoot police officers.  As all laws are backed by the full force of the government that decrees them and you are willing to fight back against them, then you have to be willing to use your guns against them in response to tyranny.

Now I’m not saying that the use of deadly force should be your first response to tyranny.  Obviously it hasn’t come to that yet.  But you need to be aware of the severe responsibility that comes with the second amendment and that is the taking of the lives of law enforcement officers.

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