Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Stuff to be Depressed About This January

You know, January is probably one of the most depressing months in the country as a whole.  Everyone goes back to work and school after having a great time during the Holiday season.  It’s like a swift kick to the balls for most people when they show up for work the day after New Year’s and realize that the vacation time they just spent wasn’t reality.

And now the US Federal government has raised Social Security taxes on everyone who pays.  Which means there may be a higher rate of suicides this month as most people who are Gen-X or younger know this is money they will never see again.  Yesterday I got my first paycheck of the year and it was significantly less than what I was getting last year.

It would be one thing if they raised the income tax.  I know that money is already wasted and they aren’t even trying to say it goes to a good cause anymore.  But no, they had to go and raise the Social Security taxes, which they still maintain that people like will be able to collect when I turn 65.

And thanks to all of you assholes who voted for Republicans or Democrats this past election.  You’ve voted in real winners who are going to keep on doing this shit.  But hey, it’s okay because they know what they’re doing, right?

Hope you have a good new year.  With less money.

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