Friday, September 21, 2012

The Real Reason for QE3 And How to Fight Back

So recently, Federal Reserve Chairman (and bankster puppet) Ben Bernanke has announced quantitative easing round three.  Though the public reasons about about stimulating the economy back into shape, it is clear that this new round, which will last forever and really has nothing to do with fixing the economy.

I know that is not what is publicly stated, but since when have any of these elitist snobs ever been straight with all of us dumb masses?  The interests of Joe Public has never aligned with their interests and it never will so long as they do not fear us.  But that’s another blog post for another time.

In any case, the real reason for the massive influx of the supply of money, along with interest rates staying at zero percent for those of us who want to save, is actually quite simple once you peel away all the confusing mathematics, charts, and economic jargon (or bullshit wording): to prevent the major banking firms in the world from collapsing under their weight of bad investments.

The major international banks, you see, made some risky get-rich-quick schemes through malinvestment.  A major one was, of course, the housing market, but that is not the sole one.  There are others, such as student loans and government debt itself.  The point is, they made a lot of bad bets and they do not wish to accept the consequences of their failure.  Basically, the banksters are trying to beat the natural laws of economics and get rich in the process.

The fact is, the central banksters and their private banksters compatriots wish to inflate the currency in an effort to curb the debts they have acquired.  In an inflationary market, debt is not a huge issue as it can be paid down with the larger money supply.

What this means for us, though, is that if they succeed in creating an inflationary market, then the rest of us will be boned.  Our savings will be virtually meaningless and the cost of goods and services will skyrocket.  Wages and salaries will be the last thing to rise with inflation as that is always the last things to be taken care of in this kind of market.  Remember too that not all professions or companies will do this evenly either.  Some may get their inflation-adjusted wages earlier than others.  The immediate result of this is a lowered standard of living for everyone.

However, there is a way to prevent this.  I know that the powers that be are going to stop at nothing to keep the dollar machines going, both the paper ones and the digital ones.  And it is clear that there is very little that we can do at the moment to deter or dissuade them to continue to do so.  And no, I don’t believe that voting for either Obama or Romney will stop this madness.  Both men are either too stupid to see what is obviously going on or they are in cahoots with them for some personal benefit (like playing Leader of the “Free” World).

What we can do, however, is actually just a few simple things in our own lives that will deter the banks and bring about real reform and change much faster than a ballot box ever could.  The first thing we must do is to become debt free.  I know that many people have huge debts on their cars, houses, and college education.  My wife and I started with probably around 60K ourselves in car and student loans.  But we paid it all off.  It took some time and careful planning.  Many times it appeared hopeless to both of us.  But we did it in five years time.  We probably could have gotten it done sooner too if we decided to live on much less than we had too.  Getting out of debt means you will no long be feeding the bank machine with interest payments.  The dollar supply will only increase with the expansion of debt.  Not only that, but if you are debt free, you will be better equipped for any economic crisis.

The second thing you need to do is to not take on any new debt.  Cut up your credit cards and don’t take out any more loans.  As I said, inflation happens when the money supply is increased and the only way it gets increased in our financial system is when banks loan money.  If there are no debtors, then no new money is created.

The third thing is to move your money out of the major banks and into local banks and credit unions.  Or to none at all.  While the little ones may have more restrictions on their accounts, at the same time they are probably not big players in the ongoing bankster swindle.  Also, local banks and credit unions will invest in local businesses, which may provide more stable situation for your community.  They are also less likely to take your money like MF Global did when their bad investments hit the fan.

The final thing you can do is to stop using Debit Cards for most of your purchases.  My wife and I use cash for just about everything we spend money on.  The few exceptions are when we pay online bills and make online purchases or for one-time major purchases.  For our regular business, we use cash.  Try and keep the type of cash in the lower numbers, such as Ones and Fives, because retailers are starting to accuse people of counterfeiting if they bring in 20s and 100s.

I know that these are big things and will require large changes in your own lifestyle, especially if you are use to regularly swiping a credit card.  I know that it hard to do and that our consumption-based culture is one that is difficult to break.  But the fact is, we are not powerless when it comes to monetary policy.  All it really takes is a little discipline.

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