Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Reflections: We Need More Gay Men

I don't know why so many heterosexual men are threatened somehow by homosexual men. True, there was Julio who worked at a gay bar part time and wore women''s scarfs to work at his regular job. He viewed gay porn on the computers in the lunch room, too. But that's neither here nor there (well, it was there).

I say we need more gays! They don't bother me at all (except for Julio).  Less competition for the remaining females, you see, so I'd like at least 50% of the male population to go gay. Just as long as that doesn't then set a trend for the opposite gender. That could be a problem, too. Not enough guys for those gals and they could seek out companionship among their own kind.

Well, I shouldn't go on like this. I am a chick magnet, so I never have a shortage of eager young things coming after me. Sometimes they're even gay men.

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