Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Questions for the 2012 Presidential Debates Which Won’t Be Asked

Questions not to be asked of the Presidential nominees:

  • Would you kill a 16-year-old boy with a drone strike if the CIA considered him a potential threat and possible future terrorist due to his familial relations?
  • What classifies an American citizen as a terrorist?
  • You have received numerous donations from various international banking and investment companies.  Do they have more influence on your decision making than the average American citizen?
  • Should Kim Dotcom be allowed to set up a new Megaupload website?
  • Recently, French scientists discovered that GMO corn causes cancer in rats.  Should further studies be conducted and should the Monsanto Corporation be investigated?
  • Al-Qaeda has been shown to be behind the rebellion in the various Northern African and Middle Eastern countries.  Should the rebels continue to be supported?
  • The United States’ national debt is now around 16 trillion.  Do you have a plan to pay this off along with serious mathematical models to back up your claims?
  • Recently, the Bilderberg group met in Chantilly, Virginia.  What was your role in attending or sending one of your officials to attend?  What did you all agree on at that meeting?
  • If Israel were to attack Turkey, a NATO ally, would the United States remain neutral or come to the aid of its longtime ally Turkey?
  • Do you agree with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s decision to proceed with indefinite quantitative easing?
  • In August of 2012, Brandon Raub was committed to a mental institution for posting inflammatory comments on his private Facebook page.  Were the Federal, State, and Local police force correct to do this?
  • Do you support the Department of Homeland Security providing grants to local towns in order to purchase law-enforcement tanks and other assorted armored vehicles?
  • Do you support the continued use of the Transportation Security Agency to perform pat downs?
  • Given that the full body scanning machines has been shown to cause cancer in people, do you support their continued usage?
  • Given that the full body scanning machines have been show to not keep people from getting metallic objects and bombs on airplanes, do you support their continued usage?
  • Should the United States continue with all of its foreign aid programs?
  • Should the FBI and various other Federal law enforcement agencies be allowed to continue its policies of entrapment in order to ensnare potential criminals?
  • Should the House of Representatives be increased to its Constitutional size of 1 House member per 30,000 people?
  • Is the Federal Reserve a private organization or a public organization?  If it is public, should they then be audited?  If it is private, should they be shut down as only Congress can print and coin money under the Constitution?
  • Can you explain how the Gross Domestic Product is calculated?
  • Can you explain how the Consumer Price Index is calculated?
  • Can you explain how the unemployment rate is calculated?
  • Given that Federal defense spending, national debt interest, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security all constitute over two-thirds of the budgetary needs, which of these would you cut in order to reach a balanced budget?
  • What is the President’s role in resolving the abortion debate?
  • What is your stance on State Nullification?
  • If your wife asks you if she is getting fat, what is your response? (yes, this one is important)

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