Monday, September 3, 2012

The Auto Industry Will Fail Again Because of the Government

...the stage has been set for what may prove to be the final implosion of the car industry. Caesar – oops, President Obama – has “finalized” his decision that CAFE will be upticked from the merely outrageous (by economic and engineering standards) 35.5 MPG in 2016 to the economically catastrophic 55 MPG – average – by model year 2025.  (See here for Caesar’s decree.)
The Great Law Giver – who apparently also holds the title of Chief Engineer – saith this will “save Americans $8,000 a year.” He does not telleth them, of course, what it will cost.-

The state is God and rules by decree. The state, like religion,  believes in the fantasy of  ordering something into existence, reality and objective facts be damned. This is why real anarchists are both anti-state and anti-gods. Objective reality demands it. 

As for the auto industry, of course government has ruined it, as it has housing, medical care, education and almost everything else it touches.

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