Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yes, I'm Crazy

From the earliest years of my childhood I was different than the others. I saw them as sheep heading for the slaughter. Why did they go along, do what they were told, conform like little fools (well, they were little fools, so I should have expected it, but what did I know at that age about how dumb most people are by nature).

So, I'll admit I'm not "normal" if you'll admit you're a fool. But you won't, you can't in your blindness. Truth is too bright for your cockroach inner being. You scurry from it before you have to face reality. You go back to the dark corner of your inane celebrity gossip, your sports and fantasy football, your loud, obnoxious "music", your idiotic "reality" TV shows, your sick pursuit of sex. You will die a blind old fool, too, and you'll deserve to go that way.

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