Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happiness Gene Found In Women

Maybe this is why all those women I know (most of them, anyway) seem quite happy with life, even when they're single and alone. Most men can't stand being alone, or need some kind of a relationship with a women (I don't care about gay men, so I didn't include you guys) to be "happy". That's their advantage over the weaker, male sex.

Even when we fall in love, men usually fall first and more desperately. He would get married on the spot to that woman of his dreams if she'd go along, because he knows she is his happiness and he can't lose her. She doesn't seem to care in quite the same way, however, even if he's lucky enough and she begins to fall too. She's content with her circumstances, and it's a mighty effort to move her. A woman can be widowed at forty and enjoy the rest of her life without ever remarrying. A man can be eighty and have his wife pass after 50 years of marriage, and he in many cases will need to go out and find a replacement for her. That, or he'll be dead in a couple of years from loneliness.

The sexes are different. There is and can be no equality.

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