Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Happened?

Or, where have I been. Well, unlike some bloggers, I don't have all day to sit around blogging in my underwear while my wife goes off to work to bring home the bacon. I didn't have wealthy parents and they didn't leave me anything, not even one lonely house to inherit. I have only my job and its wage slave income to support me, and currently I'm in training for a new position that pays me one more worthless dollar an hour than I was making in my other department.

So, I haven't thought about blogging or updating Skeptical Eye with even a video or two in the last few days. It's not that I've ceased caring (though I doubt anyone else does, even the few who do stop by regularly) but that I just don't need to do it anymore. I'm free, because, simply speaking, I don't have to do anything. I don't even have to get up and go to work, though I do because it's still the easiest way to live for now, and I'm one lazy son of a bitch. There are other options, like going to live with Mom, or begging on the street and making $30,000 a year or more tax free, or even jumping off a bridge.

But for now I'm content to merely treat this place (my blog) as a hobby which is all it really was from nearly the beginning (and I say nearly because at first I had delusions of grandeur) and which is all I want it to be now. I post what I like or find interesting or unusual. I post to have a record of all the great pro-freedom stuff I come across online. There is so much libertarian and anarchist thought out there. Even some of the more traditional conservative individuals and groups have begun the move to liberate themselves from William F. Buckley Police State, Warfare State, Big Government Welfare and Tax State is HERE TO STAY so Let's Just Make It Less Obnoxious and MORE Conservative, thinking.

So, Skeptical Eye is here to stay, I suppose, and expansion plans are in the works. I wish I could make my usual jokes about my waist expanding, but it's been shrinking. Blogging makes me hungry, you see.

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