Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout Rip Off! (and Obama's Mistake II)

Just some thoughts on the rotten, smelly bailout that is of course necessary to save the economy and the average joe (of course, the average joe is not buying any of it). The lying criminal in the White House addressed the nation, but his lies won't stand, even if the bailout goes ahead and is not blocked by my new temporary heroes, the House Republicans, who are finally starting to act like real conservatives on something.

The Liar in 2003 and 2008

Meanwhile House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that the rotten, evil bailout "has to happen" (in other words, she sides with criminal Bush and his gang of theives in their attempt to pull off a massive heist of the taxpayers) while at the same time accusing the House Republicans of blocking it. The Democrats are utter and complete hypocrites, and their go-along with the fat cats candidate Obama isn't much better. They can pass their rip off bill without the House Republicans, but that would not give them political cover, so they point the finger at those remaining in our national government with at least a little principle and conviction left. If this is the national emergency that all those wanting quick action say it is, then why don't they just go ahead and pass the god damned thing and tell the House Republicans to go screw themselves? This includes you too, Mr. Suspending My Campaign McCain. Why did John McCain consider it an emergency requiring immediate action (read Rip Off 700 Billion or more Bailout) unless he too cares nothing about the taxpayers and also sides with the fat cats? The truth is this is another phony crisis (as presented by the ruling class; there is a real crisis but the bailout is not the solution), just like the WMDs of Saddam Hussein. But it must be passed to save Bush's Wall Street pals. That's the only emergency. It must be rushed through before the people discover what a total scam it is (they are already learning this) and before anyone can think it through. John McCain you old fraud! Shame Shame Shame!

Then we have the I'm Trying Very Hard To Lose This Election Barack Obama. Can any of these Democratic Party fools read the public and the polls? If Obama had come right out and said he was against this steaming pile of dog crap of a bailout he would be a working class hero right about now (and perhaps be way ahead in the polls) . But we can't expect anything so creative or original (or right) from the nominee of the fake "party of the people", can we?

The Bailout Reader

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