Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shorts (and Levi's) A One Week Supply (a conversation)

Not necessarily an enlightening or interesting conversation, but you can't have everything. This exchange was between two old men, retired types living on not much more than their social security checks.

Old man one: I wash my shorts and Levi's in one of those scrub tubs from Home Depot and hang them in the shower to dry, gives me a week's supply.

Old man two: I just go to the laundromat every two weeks, shove all my clothes in one of those big front loaders, take them out and throw them all together in a couple dryers and I'm done.

Old man one: I did that when I was working, but now this is easier. I learned it from my mother. She used to wash her delicate dresses in a tub of water and hang them to dry.

Old man two: Yeah, that's true, in the olden days you'd take a scrub board and boil some water and clean your clothes that way.

Old man one: Yeah, I had a scrub board once, but now I just soak my stuff in water for a couple days and they're clean.

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