Friday, September 19, 2008

Charlotte Dennett, American Hero


Bugliousi wrote his book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder with the hope that someone, a state attorney general or even local district attorney, would take up the cause of justice and prosecute the criminal occupant of the White House. Well, someone has stepped forward, Vermont candidate for state Attorney General Charlotte Dennett. If elected she has promised to prosecute Bush for murder.

She also said she would appoint a special prosecutor and already knows who that should be: former Los Angeles prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, the author of "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder," a new book.

"Someone has to step forward," said Dennett, flanked by Bugliosi at a news conference announcing her plan. "Someone has to say we cannot put up with this lack of accountability any more."

Republican National Committee spokesman Blair Latoff (unsurprisingly)denounced Dennett. "It's extremely disappointing that a candidate for state attorney general is more concerned with radical left-wing provocation than upholding the law of Vermont," said Latoff. How about upholding all of the laws that Bush and his criminal gang have broken? Spokesman Blair apparently remained silent on that subject.

Current Democratic Attorney General William Sorrell stated: "The reality is, in my view, that unless the crime takes place in Vermont, then I as the attorney general have no authority under Vermont law to be prosecuting the president." Sounds like just another useless Democrat, not unlike the worthless, do nothing Democrats in Congress.


  1. This woman is nuts and so are you for supporting her grabasstic dog and pony show. Obviously she's decided not to enforce drug laws in Vermont, because she's appears to be a regular user.

  2. Leads, I always enjoy the comments of ignorant Kool-Aid drinkers such as yourself, thank you!
    If you'd care to make a fool of yourself again, please comment anytime.

    As for who is nuts, I think those who continue to support an illegal war and the other constitutional and legal violations of the Bush adminstration are the real crazies.

    As for "drug laws", do you refer to the unconstitutional Federal drug laws? If you are any kind of conservative, surely you support states' rights on that issue.


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