Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pro-life? At least one born again Christian is not a hypocrite.

Bible believing Christian David Stewart has the number of the military worshipping idolators calling themselves followers of the prince of peace (see Christian Bill Gnade's reply to my comment here). I had announced to Gnade my dismay at the overt militarism and chants of "USA, USA" at the Republican National Socialist Convention. His reply on the chanting:

I, too, was uncomfortable with some of the chanting at the RNC, but I find that I have to let go of that. I don't know if you are aware that much of the chanting of "USA!" during Sen. McCain's speech was intended to drown out the voices of hecklers attempting to interrupt him.

In the photo above is Clp. Adam Kokesh, USMC, of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He was one of the protesters at the convention that inspired the moronic, fascistic chants. Somehow (according to Mr. Gnade) the fact that the chanting was to silence a protester makes it less troubling. In fact, Gnade goes further and just chalks it up to the nature of crowds: "Crowds, as you know, are given to chanting things; from rock concerts to pep rallies, people do get worked up". Why then was he "uncomfortable" with it?

Mr. Kokesh explains who he is and how he got in to the RNC:

I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter since the beginning of this campaign. Since before this campaign started, actually, I’ve been a fan of Paul. So I’ve got a lot of friends in the Ron Paul crowd. And he’s got a lot of delegates in there. More than the Republican Party is willing to admit. And the fact that I got into there is proof of that. One of Paul’s alternate delegates got me a guest pass.

Fascism Rising at the GOP convention

The truth, you see, must be silenced, and who better to do it than a bunch of robotic chanters who must not allow a single doubt about their great leader and his glorious, righteous wars to cross their minds. The other side of Clp. Kokesh's sign read "You Can't Win an Occupation", a truth even the blind, brainwashed disciples of The Decider will soon learn (not just in Iraq, but also in Afghanistan where no invader has ever prevailed).

Mr. Gnade went on to answer my objection to the militarism in display at the convention this way: " As for the militarism, I have to confess that it does not bother me. It USED to bother me; when I was a college kid, nay, even when I was in my thirties, I had a real dislike for the military."

He here, of course (either deliberately or in ignorance) confuses the military with militarism. He goes on: "My own pretentiousness got the better of me when I was young: I was a humanities snob, convinced I was doing something more important than my peers in the armed forces."

Maybe he was doing something more important. We have reached a point of denigrating every other pursuit or occupation and life choice, deeming those in military service as more honorable and worthy than any other American. This in spite of the fact that the US military is not actually defending us in most of what it does. As I said in my answer to Bill Gnade: "The argument isn't so much over disliking the military or those that choose military service, but the role of the military and whether it is really in our interests to have what amounts to a world empire. Much of what we see from what passes as "conservative" today seems to be more pro-war than pro defense and that's what I find appalling about the current state of the Republican party. While we were invading and occupying a country that did not attack us we also left our borders wide open for any terrorist to cross at will."

The average pastor has a blind loyalty to the murderous, thieving, criminal, lying, treasonous, Republican party... As an example: Ronald Reagan was not the hero that so many Christians think. Under direct US control, Reagan's 'Freedom Fighters' raped, tortured and murdered tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Nicaragua in an effort to bring down Nicaragua's first democratically elected government. Reagan's blood-fest wasn't limited to Nicaragua, his puppet military dictators abducted, tortured, murdered and mutilated close to 200,000 civilians in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in the name of 'democracy' and fighting Communism.

I guarantee you that the same professed Christians who idolize Reagan and Bush Jr. would curse their names if they or their loved ones were the victims. The problem is that most of America's Christians don't care about anybody but themselves, and are no better than unsaved heathens in the amount that they care. The entire Iraqi conflict (see victim in photo) is evil and we have no business being in Iraq. The Bush Administration made false accusations against Iraq's leaders, has murdered nearly one million innocent Iraqis and now we are stealing their oil. God hates what America has done to the Iraqi people...

"These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren." —Proverb 6:16-19

-By David J. Stewart

And here is traditionalist Roman Catholic Thomas E. Woods, Jr. on Pro-Lifers for Murder:

There are people who spend their time arguing that being "pro-life" this year means voting for an obtuse ignoramus who thinks it’s a laugh riot to sing, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." A savage who jokes gleefully about the inevitable creation of widows and orphans – that’s the person the official pro-life movement wants as its public face for four years. Gee, a coherent, non-contradictory message like that is just the way to win people over.

We’ve just lived through eight embarrassing years of a sloganeering buffoon posturing as a conservative, blundering from one disaster to another, and mouthing the most excruciating propaganda the whole way – and if McCain’s candidacy is any indication, that’s just the way some Americans like it...

And this is the area – laughingly called "national security," as if these wars had something to do with protecting you and me from the bad guys – in which McCain is supposed to be at his best, where he is most in his element...

The more I’ve thought and written about war these past eight or so years, the more the obvious has finally penetrated my thick skull: it is not "liberal" to describe war as a life issue. War involves the taking of human life on a massive scale. To make matters worse, the American political class, and John McCain in particular, support a string of wars that can be supported only on the basis of the crudest propaganda.

Amen, brothers, amen.

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