Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I prayed to Satan, and things improved"

Satan worshippers killed four teenagers and then roasted them on an open fire before consuming them. The victims were each stabbed 666 times (the number of the beast in the New Testament book of Revelation) in what could only be a described as a sick ritual in honor of that imaginary personification of evil (invented by that other sick belief system, Christianity) the devil.

The victims were described as Goths, so no doubt they are now (or soon will be; Christians never make it quite clear as to how the afterlife works pre and post resurrection) roasting in the fires of hell, suffering far worse things at the hands of Jesus and his Father than those inflicted on them by the Satanist gang (whose leader was a former choir boy).

The delusional Satanists (whose delusions could not have existed without Christianity and its entire mythology of Satan, demons and other crazy superstitions) believed they were somehow gaining favor with Lucifer. "Satan will help me to avoid responsibility, I made lots of sacrifices to him." said one of the gang members. Another allegedly proclaimed: "I tried to turn to God, but it didn't bring me any money. I prayed to Satan, and things improved." I guess they never heard of the prosperity gospel.

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