Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana Legalization

The evil statist (and lying, dirty, rotten crony capitalist) Mitt Romney, when confronted with someone who clearly has a medical condition that they say is helped by using marijuana for medical reasons, displays not the least bit of compassion for another human being. He instead gives his robotic response, as if he's not really listening (which he isn't) and shows himself without a soul, and as the lifeless ruling class machine (and ready enforcer of the almighty Federal Government's anti-human, anti-liberty "laws") he is...

Contrast Mitt the Loser (here's hoping he goes down to defeat at the hands of that other evil statist, Barack Obama) with the real, the compassionate, the true human being and genuine lover of liberty and opponent of big government, Ron Paul.

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  1. Today, adjunctive therapy with legal marijuana is helping patients to cope with the symptoms of diseases and disorders from MS and chronic pain to arthritis and bi-polar disease. The list keeps growing


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