Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dulls: Honey and a Biscuit

Objective: dullness

Honey Dull sat eating a biscuit. "This biscuit is sure good", she said to the sky, which was a dull gray color. Honey wondered if God was watching her eat the biscuit. She also thought it was funny that a man with a large dog (God was dog spelled backwards- it made her think) asked her if she wanted a little honey with her biscuit. She laughed and told him loudly, biscuit crumbs flying from her mouth, "I am Honey!".

Turned out he was a honey salesman. He had a case full of honey jars.

"Are you Winnie-the-Pooh?" she asked him.

"No," he replied, "my name is Bob."

Honey told him she preferred jam on her biscuits, and asked if he was also a jam salesman. He told her no he wasn't, that he only sold honey. Honey frowned. She got up from her place on the steps and went back inside the house, and didn't come out again until the man and his dog were gone.

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