Thursday, July 19, 2012

blog of the moment: constructive destruction

king karl of the lowercase blogging kingdom has come close before, was rejected, then reconsidered, then rejected again. a poor fat man had a better chance at a dance than king karl, or so it appeared, until the veil was lifted from our eyes and the dazzling beauty of karl's mind was displayed in all its glory in the following post:

Extraverts are energized by interaction with others, so naturally the opportunity to interact with another gives them a reason to be happy. Thus, when being interrogated or interviewed by a "researcher" regarding preferences for human interaction and the happiness derived therefrom, the extravert will answer affirmatively in order to gain favor of the the immediate audience human, as well as the projected eventual audience of humans who may be interested in the "research." The extravert is biased toward declaring happiness, because that is both what the extravert wants to be true, and what the extravert is gambling on existentially: that every other human is extroverted, too, and is competing for the happiness maximum. Culturally, engaging with others and coming out on top is rewarded both implicitly and explicitly in America.

... Artifice, pretense and charade are rewarded in America, because Americans fear being "boring" or feeling bored. As a culture, Americans to a person despise "boring" things and people, and abhor being "bored." They demand excitement from the tiniest things.

And because Hollywood has told them they deserve and will receive excitement from such things as:

* A high-pressure job that creates pressure needlessly in order to keep high levels of tension among co-workers, to create an artificially competitive work environment based on fear of being 2d place. Like being Donald Trump's Apprentice, or a wannabe chef in some poncey Brit's kitchen.

A society created, blown up/grown/expanded/"progressed" by extraverts will naturally define the extravert view as the norm, as what's healthy, and will be suspicious of introverts, will expect introverts to do all the things the extravert does when behind closed doors.

American society labels introverts negatively because of this --

Categorically, extraverts are the more fucked-up human, and their obsession with "connection" to others (which always implies competition with those others, and a desire to be "best") makes them the more manipulative as well as more cowardly, while also being dichotomous about their powerful exhibitionist fetish. The dark human urges they can't really suppress successfully because they are so other-directed. They don't feel right experiencing ANYTHING alone. So anything done alone by anyone, it must be laden with the things that the extravert fears most.

Extraverts are the mass murderers, mass pedophiles, and organizers of social entities which work solely to promote and protect those violent sexual urges being given free rein.

American culture is run by such people.-sorry, but I don't like people

and so, though karl does capitalize the beginning of sentences, we here omit for dramatic purposes and in honor of non-conformity, the extroverted letters and name his blog our latest blog of the moment.

constructive destruction

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  1. Jesus, now I'm all embarrassed. Thanks Nick.


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