Sunday, July 8, 2012

T.C. Weekly: Detroit

Introducing T.C. Weekly, where you'll find, well, bits of T.C. This week, T.C. contemplates America's disaster city, Detroit.

It's hard to fathom the fall and decay of a once mighty American city like Detroit. These photographs lend an idea. All that beautiful architecture. Dead. Likely never to return.

Is Detroit symbolic of what's in store for the future? Or is it unique?

I visited Detroit for a day in 1994. Went to see a World Cup match at the Silverdome. The place was pretty messed up. The city too.

How does the city continue to support four major pro teams? It makes the Red Wings dynasty all the more remarkable.-Fall Of An American City
T.C. had barely asked that question, and my poor brain had barley (I was eating some whole grain cereal I shouldn't have) begun to work on the conundrum (I think...what's a conundrum?) when T.C. the blogging machine posted again with more thoughts on Detroit!
Interesting politically incorrect black history of Detroit by one refreshing and honest Dr. Fleming.

It's fascinating actually how he describes the two, albeit different, waves of black immigration. I'm on record, as many others have also, as asserting men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton plant the seeds of destruction and division. They're evil. How they're always hanging around to prey on a tragic event to further their own sad agendas.

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White people built Detroit and invited Blacks in to help. Dr. Fleming gives a personal family history of how there were two waves of Black people who arrived in Detroit during the industrial revolution. The first wave were entrepreneurs, businessmen, craftsmen and artisans...The second wave were the of the natural slave stock (those who more readily accepted slavery) who brought crime, drunkenness and religion. The second wave were successful in turning a beautiful oasis into the current garbage can that it is now.-

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