Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prison Nation

More than one percent of Adult Americans are now behind bars. The United States beats even China and Russia in the percentage of its citizens that are in prison. The numbers get worse for minorities, with 1 in 36 Hispanic adults locked up and 1 in 15 African American men. For black men between the ages of 20 and 34 the number is 1 in 9! Perhaps this is the future, with economic collapse coming and our increasingly tyrannical government, maybe we'll all either be employed in our nations biggest growth industry (prisons) or living in a jail cell.

I was watching an old episode of Cops on G4 and two African American men got pulled over for not wearing seatbelts. The cop discovered marijuana in the car (how terrible)! and you know what happened next. The government is evil and anyone who continues to support it and its agents (so-called law enforcement, in reality government thugs with a legal- but not moral-monopoly of force) is evil also.

One doesn't have to advocate the use of drugs to recognize that current laws are unjust. Before 1912 the US didn't have any drug laws! Thanks big government "progressives," your continual advocacy for expanding the reach of the Federal Government into our lives is what lead to all this. You'll note that Hillary calls herself progressive. Did the last Clinton White House do a goddamn thing about getting rid of federal laws against even the use of medical marijuana? No, Bill's Drug Czar was one of the worst drug warriors ever, Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey. Do you really want the Clintons anywhere near the executive mansion ever again? I sure as hell don't!

Let's stop passing more and more laws and start getting rid of a few. Every new law just makes it more likely that you'll find yourself guilty of breaking one, probably by accident (for who could possibly keep up with them all). Every law gives government and its criminal agents, i.e., the police, more power, as in the case above on Cops where a seemingly innocent thing like the seat belt laws lead to getting pulled over. It's no ones business if someone decides not to wear a seat belt. The nanny state must go! (it is going, to the ash heap of history, that is, along with everyone who supports it).

Here is a current example of what the drug war has given us:

A Cookeville officer is seen allegedly placing drugs on...Carlos Ferrell, before arresting him.

Ferrell is now suing the city of Cookeville, the police department, Putnam County, and the sheriff’s office for $10 million.

During the arrest, Ferrell was also bitten by a police K9.

The Video

Now, even if the cops in this case didn't plant the drugs, what happened during the arrest with the use of dogs was unnecessary. If you don't think this is the best example, check out these instances of police criminal misconduct.

Deputy sheriff dumps a quadriplegic on the floor:

Videos Via Pro Libertate.

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