Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Jesus Kidney Cult

A Mr. Falkingham donated one of his kidneys to a stranger after joining a group calling themselves The Jesus Christians. His mother objected to the whole thing saying her son had not agreed to the giving up of a kidney on his own free will but had instead been influenced to do so by the small sect (25 members world wide). Cult leader David McKay said kidney donation is not mandatory but does put the golden rule into action:

"Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. If you were sick wouldn't you like someone to donate a kidney?"

Nineteen of the members of the group have donated kidneys. I wonder what the objection of average Christians might be to this. I say objection, because I doubt they will put the golden rule "into action" in this way. But why not? Isn't it as much a need as donations for things like food and clothing? Most of us will not donate a kidney to a stranger and we have no moral obligation to do so. I would, as I think most people would, give one up for a loved one, but not a stranger. Then again, I do not allow my life to be governed by the Christian myth. But for any Christians out there who do not choose to seek out the stranger in need of a transplant, I have to wonder why. There are plenty of people waiting for a kidney, and it's your Christian duty to help them, is it not? This tiny cult (Christianity as a whole started out as a tiny cult) is only taking the ideas and words of Jesus and the New Testament to their logical conclusion.

Here are the words of a Christian much admired for taking on the atheists, Dinesh D'Souza, in his debate with Daniel Dennett:

You're living in a western civilization shaped primarily by Christian assumptions. How do you know this? Look at an example. If there's a famine in Rwanda you can be fairly sure that all the European countries will rush to help...Now, there are other rich countries in the world, they will observe, but do nothing. And why? Because they were raised with the belief I was kind of raised with as a kid, which is an Indian proverb "the tears of strangers are mostly water" which is to say, to some degree you look out for your own, but you don't necessarily have any common ground with strangers.

So please Christians, prove the truth of Mr. D'Souza's words and give a kidney today to a stranger. It's the Christian thing to do (I'm sure Dinesh has already donated one of his to a stranger desperately in need).

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