Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blinded by the Light

A hotelier in India claimed statues of the Virgin Mary in his home had been crying tears of honey and bleeding oil and perfume. Apparently some people took it all too seriously and began looking for the Virgin in the sky, staring directly into the sun leading to blindness. Even after being warned of the danger, the crowds are still flocking to the man's house, hoping to see a miraculous image in the sky. Source

The incident above is a tragedy. The very sad thing is, it is only one example of lives ruined or harmed by religion and superstition. From faith "healers" and televangelists who give sick people false hope and take their money, to children indoctrinated to believe that well established scientific facts such as evolution are just lies of the devil; from fanatics brainwashed into believing that paradise and another, eternal, life await those that fly airplanes into skyscrapers, to the millions, past and present, with a life clouded by the idea of the eternal damnation and suffering of unbelievers, including those of one's own family (not to mention the extra, extreme burden for "lost" souls that so many have, wasting their lives passing worthless tracks and Chick comics, or street preaching, or wondering if that loved one that died was really "saved" after all) ; from those with lives spent in following an imaginary invisible friend named Jesus while letting so many of the joys of reality pass them by, to the women in Muslim countries denied their full humanity and equality as citizens.

In the face of all this, how dare anyone attack militant, so-called "New Atheism" with the false cry of "fundamentalist," as if atheism compared in any sense with religious superstition. Enough of all your phony impartiality and insincere agnosticism. The truth rings loud and clear for all who have ears to hear it: WE DO NOT LIVE IN A CARTOON UNIVERSE! If only those poor fools who lost their sight looking into the sun for a nonexistent Mother of God had realized this basic truth, they would have their eyesight right now. But instead they were deceived, forgetting that Satan comes as an angel of light, calling truth (like the fact of evolution, or the imaginary nature of apparitions) Satanic, when religion, "the light" to so many, is so often the real evil.

Someday supernatural religion will die out and billions will say "Free at last, free at last, no thanks to God, we are free at last."

May reason, not faith, guide you throughout life. Amen.

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