Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hold the Lemon, Please

Haven't you always wondered how well (if at all) restaurant workers wash their hands after using the rest room? They don't put cameras in the rest rooms to monitor the employees, but I've always thought that they could do something more than just have a sign reading: Wash Your Hands After Using The Rest Room And Before Returning To Work. How about a special food handler sink with a camera above it, and any time you leave the food prep area you have to wash your hands there when you come back before you can touch food again. And have you seen some of the disgusting rest rooms at certain restaurants, especially some fast food places? Sometimes there isn't even much soap in the dispenser. And how many people really wash their hands instead of just briefly running them under water for a second or two?

I'm glad I'm eating a lot more of my meals at home.

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