Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dream of Change

I had a dream last night. Most dreams are so incoherent and nonsensical that you tend to forget them right away. I remembered this one, though its starting to fade even as I write this. In it I was walking through a landscape of my life, the places I or my family have lived before, and the other landmarks of my brief existence so far. I passed by the house my mother lived in for over 20 years, as it was before it burned to nothing in October 2003. I received a phone call from my sister at the time and she said "Mom's house burned down" and I thought she was joking. We never believe such things on first hearing. I have heard those who were alive at the time President Kennedy was assassinated say the same thing (those who were told about it from someone else and did not first hear it on the news) , that they thought the person telling them the horrendous truth was just making a joke. So many memories of Mom's house up in smoke. I did not see the aftermath in person, but my sister made a video of it, and I watched in sadness the remains of what once was.

Life is change, there is no permanence about anything. Death will one day take us all, and before then, many we know or love. In the past year two of my close friends lost their fathers and in both cases they were still relatively young men. But that is the nature of the world, for life to be possible, death must exist as well.

I have always been a sentimental type, so change has never been easy for me, but I acknowledge its necessity. Without change there is no life, there is no being, there is no time, there is no me or you. I wish there was something original I was saying here, but there isn't. But for those who fear change and the sadness it sometimes brings with it, just remember that life is change, just as life is temporary, and that you would not exist without that reality. So appreciate what you have and enjoy the time spent with those you love, and the next time you are tempted to take someone or something for granted, know that they will soon pass away, as will you, and act accordingly.

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