Wednesday, December 19, 2012

They Mean Literal Population Control

I am always fascinated by people who think there are two many people living on the Earth and that humanity should reduce itself by a certain number or percentage.  Fascinated in the same sense that I am fascinated by a rather large toenail that I’ve just clipped off my toe or what happens to a wart when you apply a freezing agent to it.  It’s a morbid fascination but I think it is just as important as the more normal fascinations a human being should have.

This is because dangers to people usually come in the form of goodwill, provided we make the appropriate sacrifice, in order to achieve some perceived magical end.  Usually, the problem presented is, at best, a mediocre problem that can be resolved naturally without much effort on humanity’s part.  However, usually the people who hype such problems have an alternate agenda in mind, with some sinister undertones, so they will do everything in their power to try and convince the dumb masses, often times succeeding, in their fanatical ploys.

Al Gore stands as a good example.  This is because he has been giving the same speech for years about the dangers of global warming yet he owns beachfront property.  Or take Benjamin Netanyahu who has been claiming that Iran seeks nukes since the early 1990s.

But the most fascinating of these loonies are the various people who think our world is overpopulated and that humanity is doomed to starvation, disease, war, or whatever else results from too many people having really awesome sex.  The term used for this problem is often referred to as, “population control.”

This term raises a few questions that I do not believe anyone has really considered.  For one, who is in control?  Obviously, the government is the controlling authority in these misguided policies.  Who else would do it?  The free market does not control people, it merely allows people to interact freely.

The other question that comes to mind is: what kind of control are they talking about?  In China, there are strict measures in place to ensure that people do not breed more than one child, although there has been much backlash in the wake of these policies as of late.  Still, there are many people who rank among the elite who believe that at a minimum, the rest of the world should implement similar policies.

Finally, you have to ask that once the policy of population control is completed, however it is done, what is the endgame?  What happens when the population goes from 7.5 billion to 500 million?  Is there a magical number?

I think that the endgame is much more sinister than most people imagine, given how many ultra-rich billionaires advocate population control.  I think the endgame is about stifling human potential and maintaining direct control over those who are left.  In other words, when they talk about population control, they mean more than just simply controlling the size of humanity, but everything else about humanity as well.

But why the focus on reducing the size of humanity first and foremost?  The answer is actually simple: if you reduce humanity down to much smaller numbers, they become easier to manage.   Smaller groups of people are much easier to maintain direct control over.

Ultimately, this all part of the long-term progressive agenda that is being pushed by the elites who presume to run the world.  Among them, Bill Gates has openly stated that he wants to sterilize people through vaccinations, and Ted Turner has openly stated that he wants the population to be reduced by 95% or more.  While these are just two men stating their opinions, they should not be taken lightly as they are both billionaires and thus have the resources, connections, and power to implement some of their crazy delusions.

Look, humanity has barely populated the world.  In the continental United States alone, human beings occupy, at most, 5.6% of the land mass.  The rest is ruled by whatever other natural forces are at work.  You can fit the entire world’s population into Texas if needed.  So this idea that we are over-running the world is ridiculous.  Alongside this, the modern human-hater, such as Mr. Turner or Mr. Gates, uses the unscientific global warming excuse to further promote their advocacy for mass genocide.

I am not saying that you should all go out have at least 5 children.  Whatever you do with your life is your business.  What I am saying is that reducing the population is not so much about preventing global warming/starvation/disease/war but more about making the whole of humanity more easily controlled as it reduces the number of variables needed to achieve that end.

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