Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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  1. The gentleman in this video is by far the best spokesperson for our 2nd amendment rights. Thanks brother for leading from the front and keep your videos coming. With regard for the Costas speech.

    Being a firearms instructor for over 10 years now I always find it interesting to watch the knee jerk reaction to events like this. Gun violence is scary and those who are unfamiliar often repel and run from what they don't understand and constantly seek evidence to support their beliefs.

    More to the point, the real issue is the unhealthy domestic violence that was latent in the relationship that should be the real issue. The couple had been fighting intensely for weeks. Sprinkle in some narcotics for a head injury and allow the NFL star to continue to drink and party like everything is normal is just a recipe for disaster. This is certainly a negative for the Gun enthusiast but hopefully rational minds will prevail. To all of you who have firearms...please don;t treat them like a vintage corvette only breaking them out once or twice a year. Go get the proper safety training to keep accidents to a minimum and always keep your muzzles front.


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