Friday, December 7, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff Show

The biggest thing in the political sphere right now is the aptly-named fiscal cliff.  I think the term “fiscal cliff” is stupid phrase to use, but I applaud whoever came up with it because he or she has succeeded in duping the dumb masses.  The so-called crisis is really just a debate over whether or not to continue the Bush-era tax cuts or to all the tax rates to return to what they were in the Clinton years, along with the implementation of the new taxes in the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The truth is, this is really just a minor issue.  The United States has been in an economic depression since 2007 and politicians have no idea what they are doing.  Or they are just pawns of international bankers.  Probably both.

The fact that Congress spends nearly twice as much money as it takes in and for some odd reason, cannot find anything to cut, demonstrates that they are nothing, if not incompetent morons who deserve to go the way of Benito Mussolini.  They clearly have both an overinflated sense of self worth and think that they control the economy when really, they just happen to be at the helm of the largest economic actor.

The problem is that neither political party has any desire to cut spending in any category.  Both of them want to continue to support welfare, which is both collective thievery and slavery in the name of fairness, and both sides want a “strong” military, which can’t defend our borders from the Mexican invasion (invasion is illegal immigration in high numbers) but somehow are still able to lock up white people with Gadsden Flags on their vehicles.

The fact is, the United States Federal government is really beyond saving now.  With two political parties firmly entrenched in the mainstream and at the helm of the largest corporation in the world, we have little hope of changing its course.  Now that the election is over, the politicians on the Hill can now drop all pretenses and set out to do what they have secretly wanted to do all along.

It’s a shame, really, that people can’t see through this sham.  The entire fiscal cliff debate is nothing more than showboating in order to feed the media and the dumb masses the idea that both parties are different, that there is reason to support them, and to justify their wasteful and wholly unnecessary spending.

Perhaps someday people will figure it out.  Of course, that day is probably the day after we’ve either entered a totalitarian dictatorship (if we haven’t already) or the country has been split up into several smaller countries.  Either way, it will be too late.

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