Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Unwritten Laws

The Second Set of Books is alive and well in this country and we should always be aware of how they are being used against us to take away our freedoms.  I had a small argument with my father earlier this week about this concept concerning the power of the Federal courts and the extent to which they wield it versus what they actually have.

You see, the Federal courts, both Inferior and Supreme, were originally designed to merely interpret the law in a given a circumstance, however in the case of Marbury v. Madison, the courts assumed the role of being the final say on all matters constitutional.  In other words, Congress is powerless to counter a ruling handed down by the Supreme Court.

Yet this power does not exist in the United States Constitution.  There is no article or amendment to it which states that the Supreme Court or one of the Inferior Courts is the final decider on constitutional interpretations.  Still, the Second Set of Books demands that we adhere to these rulings and that Congress should not pass laws contrary to the rulings of the courts.

Except when certain Presidents ignore court rulings.  As far as I can tell, only Andrew Jackson and Barack Obama have done so.  In Jackson’s case, it was about American Indian relocation.  In Obama’s case, it is a Federal judge’s ruling to overturn the Universal Healthcare bill.  In both cases, the Presidents involved have effectively nullified another branch of government, although in both cases it was to further tyranny.

The Second Set of Books are the policies and procedures which the government uses in order to implement ideas which are not law.  A law is written down and is enforceable.  A policy is never written but enforced by the executive branch.  Often times, dating back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, executive orders are used to create the Second Set of Books.

The result?  More tyranny and less freedom without even the input of the will of the people through the House of Representatives.  Right now, there are over 10,000 Federal laws on the books and probably hundreds of thousands of policies which are not of the official law books.  Because there are so many laws, most people do not know when a bureaucrat, uniformed or otherwise, is enforcing a law or merely a policy.  There are many people who have spent time in jail over this confusion and ultimately they probably did not have to.

There is no way for a single individual to know every single stated law at the Federal, State, and Local level.  Even if the collection of laws were at 1% of what they are now, it may still have been too much.  So the best thing you can do in any situation where you are dealing with a bureaucrat, uniformed or otherwise, is to give them the silent treatment.  Assert that they have no right to search you without a warrant and no right to take your possessions without one as well.  Record such encounters and post it on any video hosting service you can so that it is not lost.

I do not trust other people.  Because most people are only looking out for their own self-interest, you cannot expect the bureaucrat to only do what is constitutionally required of them but to do more because, as they will say, it is their job.  Despite the fact that government jobs are probably the most secure jobs one could ever have, next to being unemployed, they often worry about their jobs because the higher ups demand that they follow the Second Set of Books rather than what has been written down.

And so we find ourselves in this soft tyranny where the government leaders, some elected and some not, presume that they can control millions of individuals who have their own agendas, lives, and desires.  But this seems to be starting to come undone as their economic manipulations have shattered the well-being of millions of people and threaten the well-being of millions more.  Yet they continue to trudge on and I will not be surprised if in a few years, our leaders decide to stop hiding their tyranny and come out and say what they are really doing.

Unfortunately, by then it will be too late for anyone to do anything about it.

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