Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 and The Bush Legacy

Below, Pat Buchanan on What 9/11 Wrought

Ten years after, what has 9/11 wrought?

Initially, Bush handled it masterfully.


Then, full of hubris, the conquering hero went before the Congress to all but declare war on three "axis of evil" nations -- Iran, Iraq, North Korea -- not one of which had had anything to do with 9/11.

Instantly, Bush split his international and national coalitions. NATO allies Germany and France, who had followed us into Afghanistan, were now "an axis of weasels" to the blustering neoconservatives in Bush's court.

"Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists," brayed Bush -- with the terrorist sympathizers presumably including Pope John Paul II​, who opposed an American war on Iraq.


The U.S. arsenal had deterred Stalin and Mao Zedong, but apparently it could not deter such a monster as Saddam. A second 9/11 with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons was something we had to go to war to prevent.

So, with the indispensable support of a Democratic Senate including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards, John Kerry and Harry Reid, we went to war against Iraq.

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