Saturday, September 3, 2011

Starz Not In Netflix Pocket

Just end the State's corporate welfare of "intellectual property" and be done with it already. Then we can have a free-for-all of content with the best streaming service winning the day, and we won't be taxed (that's what copyright does, it takes money out of your pocket and hands it to big global corporations, courtesy of your enemy the State) to make the "entertainment" industry rich at the expense of the working (or not so working) poor (almost all of us these days).

“...executives at Starz apparently concluded that they would lose even more money by giving consumers a reason to subscribe to Netflix instead of the cable channel.”

Netflix has taken some heat lately after hiking its prices--
And an analyst on CNN explains--Starz wanted a bigger piece of the pie.

“Earlier this year, Netflix called Starz one of it’s most important deals because it’s one of the few that gives it’s Netflix customers streaming access to relatively recent films, and now that the streaming video service is so popular it’s not much of a surprise Starz wants more money. It’s a tough environment for Netflix right now, the company is facing a subscriber backlash now that it’s raising prices.”-Less Streaming? Netflix Loses Starz

Hey, now I've got a reason to tell Starz to go Hell! "Go to Hell, you assholes!" Boycott Starz ! (I know I ain't ever gonna subscribe to their channels again)

And Sony and Disney (two corporate welfare queens) can go to Hell too!

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