Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deism vs. Atheism and Christianity

Revelation, or revealed religion, is defined in Webster's New World Dictionary as: "God's disclosure to man of Himself." This should read, "God's alleged disclosure to man of himself."


  1. While I freely admit I don't possess a strong enough intellectualism to impart a compelling view, I can disclose that the chaps M. Paine and M. Jefferson present persuasive cases. More so than atheists do.

    This aside, atheism never made much sense to me anyway.

  2. Maybe they do, at least when it comes to Christianity. I'm not so sure deism fits the evidence better than atheism, but I think the trend among the general public will be toward a more and more generic belief in god, without the baggage of orthodoxy.

    Most people in the West, even in the very religious USA, tend to live as practical atheists most of the time anyway, as if there were no gods.

    As for myself, I find existence a strange and fascinating thing, a baffling mystery that I'm not sure even God can solve.

  3. "...tend to live as practical atheists most of the time anyway, as if there were no gods."

    As tough this may be to admit, it's probably true.

    I'm sure many go through a whole day without thinking of him.

  4. Yes, I find that true, most people are practical atheists, whatever faith they claim. For me, I am convinced of the truth of Catholicism, but Deism and Agnosticism are the only other worldviews that seem logically defensible to a certain degree. Agnosticism, since you can only refute it with acceptance of another truth, and Deism, since that is a starting point towards a acceptance of a particular view of God. I am using the term Deism loosely however, as a belief in God, not as the strict definition of creator and consequent non-interference with creation.


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