Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama Screws His Supporters

Perhaps it is all a gigantic head fake. Maybe President-elect Obama is going to dash Left as soon as he utters the words “So help me God” next week. But so far, there seems to be the most astounding and sweeping repudiation of a president’s own base of support in the offing since … well, since forever.

No Change

The Democratic Party is totally bankrupt. In 2006, the American public repudiated the President by electing a Democratic majority to both house of congress. In 2008, unable to stand any more of Bush and the neocon nuts running the show, they elected Obama and returned larger majorities of Democrats to congress. Will the will of the people be obeyed, i.e., will we bring the troops home from Iraq? Don't count on it.

The Same Old Change

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