Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kill Them All, Let The Big Cat Sort Them Out

There is a local radio station here in town that constantly shills for government (this is true of most mainstream media, whether national or local, which is why they are all losing the eyes and ears of the public in massive numbers and are in need of a bailout) and on the recent morning "community" show (never about the community as such, but always an outlet for local government hacks to propagandize for more spending and taxes) they had a discussion about a local feral cat "problem". Seems some people are complaining about too many stray (that's what we used to call them) cats running around, depleting the supply of tiny lizards, I suppose. So the government has contracted with the local branch of the Humane Society to round 'em up and kill them ("humanely", of course). Well, one old man, one of those cranky curmudgeonly characters, said why not just go out and shoot them. He was told you can't just go out and starting shooting cats. He then called the Humane Society a government agency, but he was scolded by the shill host, who informed the old guy that the Humane Society is not part of government but is a private organization (failing to point out, being the despicable shill that he is, that few other "private" organizations have police powers allowing them to execute search warrants, raid homes and seize private property, i.e., pets and other animals). The curmudgeon then said if that's the case he should be able to start up his own group and compete with them. "Oh, absolutely" said the shill. Curmudgeon perked up a bit at this, "Okay, then I can go out with my own van and starting shootin' cats in the head!". The shill wasn't pleased, though he tried to remain pleasant. "The city wouldn't be able to do that, the public wouldn't like a contract with someone who killed the cats by shooting them." "In the head"!, reminded curmudgeon, "it's just as humane as lethal injection or gassing them." The conversion ended shortly thereafter; have to move on ya know, got a radio show to do here, and a bunch more government propaganda to spread. Can't have crazy old men sowing doubts about the state and its practices.

The woman spokesman for the local fascist gang (the city council) then said that people shouldn't be feeding these feral cats, that they have no right to do so without consulting their neighbors. Sorry, liar, but anyone can put food out on their property without permission from you, your little Nazi gang of despots, or anyone else. If a cat eats it, too bad!

And on the issue of the lizards (some are concerned they are one form of wildlife endangered by stray cats) I once had an outdoor cat who loved to hunt them. She would spend hours in the yard waiting to pounce on one, and once she had one dangling from her mouth you'd better not get anywhere near her. I would later see a lizard body lying on a rock, tooth marks clearly visible on its belly. Nevertheless, in spite of this feline hobby, the lizard population remained plentiful.

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  1. WP says they (cats) spread viruses. or maybe you said that and I didn't see it.

  2. What does WP reference? Sure they do, cats are disease carriers and I will no longer have one in my home. But if that's the case, even pet cats can spread viruses, so why not outlaw them altogether? After all, innocent children in a house with cats are at risk.

    Actually, I'm more concerned with the virus called government.

  3. I agree with this, all of it. Good post.

  4. Hi Rhi,

    Thanks for the comment, and the compliment. I like your blog, by the way. When I finally take an interesting photo, I'll submit it.


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