Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Don’t Support Our Troops

But you see, anyone who works for the government is special, and we must all join together in sorrow when they pass on. And we must always show the greatest respect for them.

Take war veterans, for example. Thanks to movies like Saving Private Ryan, together with the barrage of government propaganda, I feel like I’m supposed to salute and sing “God Bless America” every time I see a f*cking veteran. If I’m in line in the bank, I’m supposed to get a rush of patriotic fervor and let him get ahead of me. If I’m driving and a guy with a veteran license plate cuts me off, I’m not supposed to flip him the bird. And why, you might ask? Because they (ready the drums and dramatic music)… Fought For My Freedom.

Maybe someone can clue me in. How exactly did killing Koreans and Vietnamese make me more free? Were there slanty-eyed Communists hanging outside my house preparing to ambush me, and just in the nick of time G.I. Schmoe swoops in and cuts him down with a few .223 rounds?

Vic Rattlehead


  1. i am so with you on this one. i am sure a lot of people would not have signed up if they knew they were getting in george bush's war - but

    grrr dont get me started
    i get into too much trouble

  2. Thanks, Distributorcap, for both the comment and for agreeing with me :). I didn't write it myself, but it expresses how I feel exactly. When I find something so in sync with my own thoughts I'm compelled to post it and link.

    Of course some did join the military before Bush's illegal, immoral war, but many joined after and are still joining. The news has reported of many lining up to enlist due to the bad economy and lack of jobs. But I can't excuse them, they're choosing to volunteer after all we know about the nature of our military adventures overseas.


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