Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh'Really Insulted

Flipping through the channels the other day I landed on FGPC, the Fox Government Propaganda Channel (uh, Fox "News" Channel) and there was Bill Oh'Really (uh, O'Reilly) pontificating on the Iraqi shoe throwing reporter (Flying Shoes, Bursting Bubbles). Oh'Really said that if he'd been there the reporter wouldn't have been standing for long because he insulted Oh'Really as an American. "You see that American flag back there (behind the Great Leader) -the shoe hit the flag" said Oh'Really/O'Reilly. Oh Jesus! The Holy Idol, The Flag, was touched by the unworthy shoe of a lowly subject of the Almighty American Empire!

But what Bill, no outrage over the desecration of the Constitution and the American Republic and the flag that is supposed to stand for the values of freedom and decency, by the crimes of Bush and Cheney? The only insult to a real American is to have Bush represent them as President.

Prostitution vs. war crimes: The real moral offense

An Iraqi citizen throws his shoes at an American President who -- all based on false pretenses -- invaded, occupied and obliterated his country; set up prisons where his fellow citizens were encaged without trials and subjected to brutal treatment; slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and displaced millions more. And the outrage is predominantly directed at the disrespect, irreverence and the "ingratitude" displayed by the shoe-thrower, not the murderous and inhumane acts of the dignified American leader.

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