Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gas, Food, Toys

The car was nearly on empty, I don't usually let it get down that much, normally fill up at half a tank. Not this time, too much distraction from the back seat. Saw a gas station and a restaurant up ahead, pulled over. Jen and the kids were hungry, I joked about the restaurant name (Jen's it was called) saying I thought we'd get a little relief from your cooking on this trip, Hon.

The kids acted badly as soon as we were seated (well, even before we were seated, truth be told) , making their army men and plastic animals hop around their plates and driving their tiny cars through the mashed potatoes.

After we ate I found an old box behind the gas station and scrawled "Toy Drive" on it. I gathered the toys and put them in the box, left it outside the front of the station. There was loud screaming and much crying coming from the back seat all the way home, but it was worth it.

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