Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Have a Very Gay Christmas!

The video below is from the 1930's (note the NRA tattoo on the bum's chest; a bit of New Deal fascist propaganda designed to indoctrinate the public to conform to the Great Leader FDR's dictates?) a presumably more innocent time when it came to subjects such as homosexuality. Now we have people with minds in the gutter implying something is there that was not. Unless closet 30's homosexuals slipped in subliminal messages, their only outlet in a repressed time and place. I say homosexuals because the word gay was not used to describe that orientation until more recent times, a word that once meant something else, permanently destroyed by the politically correct. What would you do if you were the Gays? Hi, I'm John Gay, says little Johnny on his first day at school while the other children then ridicule him for his name. John is gay! go the shouts on the playground. Poor little Johnny. Let us recover the word gay, let us rescue it from the mindless conformists who have stolen it and defacto banned it from the vocabulary list of children's book writers. Join in this great project, won't you? Do it for the children!

WEIRD GAY CHRISTMAS CARTOON 1930's King Picks Up Bums For Party! - More free videos are here

But please hurry, because otherwise an icon of childhood, the beloved Santa Claus, could be the next target!

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