Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bill O'Reilly's Brain and the Existence of God

I was listening to Blowhard Bill (O'Reilly) on the radio the other night (and thankfully his worthless radio show will be ending soon, sparing innocent radio dialers from hearing his moronic pronouncements accidentally, leaving only brain dead Fox "News" viewers subject to his egomania) as he discussed god. He stated that he was smarter than Bill Maher (an unbeliever) and that therefore, if you're going to base the question on intellect, God exists. Of course, if we really were to decide such a question based on what Bill O'Reilly thinks, we could safely conclude there is no god. Many highly intelligent people, by the way, believe foolish things. There are many high IQ Mormons, but that doesn't make that religion any less silly.

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