Sunday, December 3, 2017

Recent Reviews of SJWs Always Double Down

  • Great book. I especially enjoyed the portion explaining the fallacies with the given examples. Does tend to be a little dry at times, but a good read nevertheless.
  • Vox Day is an excellent author. Subject well researched and presented. I am learning a lot!
  • Five Stars. Eye opening. Well written.
  • If you have read the first installation in this series - SJWs Always Lie - you know what to expect. But perhaps you might think that you already know what is in this book. Well, yes and no. A lot of the stuff will be familiar to those who have followed the SJW wars, but the tactical and strategic details spelled out in the different chapters on how to identify, resist and deal with SJW infiltrators is worth the price. Even after participating, the section on the strategic thinking behind the Puppies' takedown of the Hugo Awards was an eye opener for me.
  • Knowing how SJW's infiltrate and destroy organizations from within is invaluable information in an age where virtue-signaling is more important that delivering products and services. - Keep your intellectual canon loaded

SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police

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