Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Atheism and Truth

"Atheism only matters if it's false"

If atheism is true, does truth cease to be important? Look at in another way – if atheism is true, why bother living as if atheism is true?

Now, from one perspective, it would seem foolhardy and nonsensical to deny the importance of truth. For example, it is true that if you consume rat poison, you will die. It is likewise true that if you jump off a skyscraper, without anything like a parachute, you will die. Ignore or deny these truths at your peril. But these truths can be labeled as survival truths. There are certain truths, typically linked to behavior, that must be acknowledged in order to survive. Objective reality has a way of imposing itself on our beliefs.

But is atheism itself a survival truth? Of course not. One can live a happy, healthy, long life without acknowledging that atheism is true. Millions and millions have done it.

So we have a problem. If atheism is true, only survival truths are important. Atheism is not a survival truth. Thus, atheism is not important.- Atheism’s Slippery Relationship with the Truth

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